Choose Awareness

What does it mean to become your own guru?

It means that to wake up, discover the truth and free your mind, you’ll have to connect to the inherent wisdom inside of you. This can be done by making a choice and I’m going to help you.True freedom comes from within.
To gain access to this, you must be brave enough to face your conditioning, observe the world around you with an open mind and allow the deconstruction of the false sense of self to happen.
You will discover how to:
* Become aware of your thoughts
* Use your emotions wisely
* Free yourself from societal influences such as celebrity idolization and the media
* Understand the role of your ego
* Change the way you look at things
* Awaken once and for all
The answers you will find in the pages of this book may surprise you, but I’m telling you (or at least suggesting) that it’s time to choose awareness.It’s a tough task, but you’d be wise to open your mind, let the gunk out, and allow genuine insight in.
This requires Intelligence and people who can truly think for themselves, but YOU have the power to do it…
And the world NEEDS you to do it.
Free your mind (and become your own guru).

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