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Do you own a website, blog or business?

If you do, then you understand how important it is to communicate with your visitors and potential customers. You want them to trust you, buy from you and have a pleasant experience when they consume your content.

The web is filled with information. It doesn’t take long to find thousands of articles written about any given topic. Knowing this, it’s important that you provide something unique.

Something that keeps people wanting to come back to see what you have to say, preferably before they’ve finished what they’re currently reading on your website.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The truth is – people don’t like to be spoken AT.” quote=”The truth is – people don’t like to be spoken AT.”]

They like to be spoken TO!

So your best bet is to provide a clear message that helps your visitors know they’re hearing from someone who cares about their needs and desires.

Someone who can relate to them.

Well, guess what?

I’m that writer.

So how can I help you?

Allow me to introduce myself.

I’ll tell you a little about me, offer you samples of my work and share some of the feedback I’ve received from those who took a chance on me.

Hi, I’m Dana.

I’m a freelance writer for hire, author, and blogger.

I’m also a graduate of Fitness Institute International, Inc. school for personal training.

I began my freelance career writing about health and fitness. I started writing for digital magazines and blogs. For a few years, I had my own “Healthy Fitness Tips” column in one of the local newspapers.

I went on to write my first book, “A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You.” I received an award of merit for its contents and my efforts to educate the public about unsafe exercise practices. It has also been endorsed and reviewed by well-respected professionals in the fitness industry.

As time went on, my interests in personal development increased.

What naturally followed was a desire to start writing about how to live a life that focuses on creativity, self-awareness, and the human condition. This expansion has led to guest posting opportunities and writing for a variety of blogs and websites.

I’ve also just recently published my second book, “Streetwise Philosophy (A Bullshit-Free Approach to Spiritual Maturity).”

I’ve written for popular websites such as:


The Hidden Exercise Risk No one Talks About  


I thought I knew a thing or two about diet and exercise. For example, I knew how to do a squat, and that avoiding carbs altogether wasn’t necessarily a wise thing to do.

Then I enrolled in personal training school and realized just how much I didn’t know.

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How My Faith Helps Me Stay Optimistic When Things Go Wrong


Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to remember these three little words: Now isn’t forever.

This little gem of wisdom has played a huge role in my life more often than not this year — but I will admit that there are times when it isn’t so easy to believe them.

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A Commonly Overlooked Topic – Exercise Safety 


It’s no secret that we are an overweight nation. It’s obvious everywhere we look. There is no escaping it and we are aware of how unhappy we are in our own bodies.
So we look for something – anything – to help fix this unpleasant reality and we want to experience the results no later than yesterday!

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3 Herbs That Offer a Variety of Healing Benefits   

catnip-photoIf you cook, you probably flavor your recipes using a variety of fresh herbs. But did you know that many of these herbs have medicinal properties as well?

If you’re suffering from pain, illness, or some other form of discomfort, rather than immediately running to the drugstore to medicate the symptoms away…

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Other Published Works

I’ve written for:

I have written guest posts for several popular blogs including:

I’ve also done ghostwriting:

  • – (How to Start a Running Program: 20 Tips to Get You Started), (Can Women Lift Weights Without Bulking Up?), (What Does Getting Toned Really Mean?)
  • – (Top 5 MMA Training Safety Tips)

And I have several published articles on and

You can find more of my work on my profile page.

I am also available for comment writing

Did you know the comment section of your article or blog post is a goldmine of opportunity?

This is where the topic of your post becomes an interactive discussion. People talk about how your message or product has impacted them. You build relationships through comments. You also expand on specific points in your post once they’re brought up by a visitor.

Your potential customers get to know you through your responses to their ideas and concerns.

Commenting also decreases your bounce rates and encourages more social sharing opportunities. It’s one of the most natural and authentic ways to market yourself.

I can find the hidden gem in your post and bring it to life. I’ll invite a thought-provoking discussion that will give your readers something important to think about. They’ll walk away feeling as though they’ve received value because someone else has.

My comments have been made the “featured comment” because of my ability to produce an emotional response out of those who’ve read them. They’ve also led to guest posting opportunities.

I’ve received some fantastic feedback from those who have hired me to comment on their blogs.

“These were some of the best blog entries I have hired to date. This vendor really knows their business. Of all the possibilities this is the one to hire!”

“Amazing experience!! Great writing and insights…such a clever woman! THANK YOU ;-)”

Writing Reviews

Here are some of the reviews I’ve received from clients:

To say that we loved working with Dana seems like an understatement. She is such a talented writer and we will continue to use her for our content writing.”

“Wonderful, intelligent writer who’s amenable to any fussy or pernickety requests I may have – really excellent writing style that can be relied on!! Would definitely work with her again.”

“Highly recommended!!! A++ Dana has done an amazing job for us, and I would highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for a knowledgeable fitness writer who REALLY understands how to write engaging, conversational content. As far as fast and regular communication goes Dana would be the top 1 or 2 contractors I’ve dealt with on ****** (with close to 100 jobs posted that is saying a lot). If you are looking for somebody who can do a job right the first time without any supervision, then you can’t go past Dana.”

“Dana did a great job in writing my articles. She was very knowledgeable in her area of work, and I’m very appreciative of her timeliness. I would highly recommend Dana to work for you.”

“It has been amazing working with Dana Gore. Her articles in the field of fitness, coaching, nutrition and exercise are a wealth of information and knowledge. Dana also is unique in her style. She sees her readers as friends and offers so many helpful tips and honest advice. She’s an asset to our team of writers.”



My rates for writing services are as follows:

Blog Post/Article Writing: $.10 – $.45 per word depending on images and formatting. I don’t pay for images.

Comment Writing: $.10 per word.

Hire Me

I would love to work with you.

I’m quick to respond; I have integrity, and I take my job seriously.

But above all of that –

I care about making your message shine!

Your readers are looking for something that makes them feel understood. They want to know that you are the right one to solve their problems – whatever they might be.

Now, if it turns out I’m not the right fit for you –

Then I have good news.

I’m lucky enough to know some pretty talented folks.

If it turns out that you have a project, and I’m not the right one for the job, chances are I can hook you up with someone who is.

Us freelancers like to stick together and help each other out.

It’s the only way to do business if your overall goal is for everyone to be happy.

The best way to reach out to me is to contact me using the form below.

I’ll respond to any questions you might have, and we’ll talk from there.


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