Take Your Kids To The Library!

I lived in Palm Beach, FL for some time and at one point found myself watching A LOT of PBS (as I figure a lot of other moms do as well).

I think it was because I was pregnant at the time and also enjoying being a stay at home Mom to my two-year-old.

Apparently James Cameron (yes as in the producer of Titanic) resides in South Florida where he does this great Public Service announcement about taking your kids to the library. He kind of gets in your face by looking and leaning into the camera saying “it’s your responsibility as parents to take your kids to the library.”

I remember thinking “phew it’s a good thing I take my kids to the library”…and experienced the type of relief I would feel after having just settled an argument with my dad.


Anyway, we had recently been going to the library quite a bit…especially since Penelope (my two-year-old) was a little older.

See, over the last few years, we have moved a few times. As a result, I found myself being drawn into spending time at any of the local libraries of whichever city we moved to.

From this experience, I came to find out every library has a children’s section and offers a wide variety of programs for the youth. And with it being a public establishment EVERYTHING is ALWAYS FREE!

The Library is a Goldmine of Treasures For Your Kids

Your local library will usually offer your kids a lot of different options to choose from and a program geared towards their age range.

Activities will sometimes include:

  • Story Time, stories being read to them and interactive stories told by the librarian (ranging from 6 months-5yr)
  • Craft Time
  • Music Hour (play instruments)
  • Music and Learn Dances
  • Pajama Story hour (6 pm)
  • Themed party’s at Holidays

And SO much more!


We even went to a library where they brought in Therapy Golden retriever dogs for children with anxiety and other issues.

I thought this was pretty incredible!

Right now my daughter and I spend the day at our local library two days a week and she is signed up for craft time story hour and bilingual story hour.

It’s amazing how quickly your little one will pick on another language when they are being taught in a classroom-like atmosphere while having fun with one another.

It’s also really cool to show your kids how to check out and return books. It helps them to establish a sense of independence and self-reliance – which as far as I’m concerned, are important traits to instill in children.

My Daughter has become enthusiastic about the whole process of picking out the books she wants, writing her name on the back of the book and getting the date stamped off the day she checks it out. I know it makes her feel empowered because she’s making a decision on her own and taking the necessary action required to see her desire become a reality.

That night when it’s time to read she is so excited about her books that she WANTS to learn to read and do it herself! She also knows that when she finishes the books she picked out all on her own, she gets to drop them off in the slot and go through the exciting process all over again!

I have to say that while I enjoy seeing my daughter develop this part of her imagination and the behavior that brings her thoughts to life…I’ll admit that I was also pretty excited when two of the neighborhood Mom’s wanted to come accompany us to the library the next time we went.

In addition to this, I had noticed that my friends had posted a picture from our day at the library on Facebook – and because of this, another Mom decided she wanted join us.

I find joy in knowing that an inspired action (like inviting others along on a positive outing and involving the kids) becomes infectious.

So to echo what James Cameron said…

Take Your Kids to the Library! No matter who you are.


Laura is a Mother of two and has completed her licensing in Cosmetology through Spa Tech Institution, in Portland Maine in 2005 and Production Makeup Artistry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2010. Laura brings an imaginative, creative lifestyle to the table and reminds others to make certain they are living a life they have willingly designed for the betterment of themselves. She is a living example of what to put in and on your body to make your daily life safe and healthy without compromising performance or style.

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    Encouraging little children to learn to love reading Is on of the best things you can do for them. Great ideas Laura!


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