Stereotyping – A Way to Divide and Conquer

I had written this a few years ago and didn’t publish it because I had gotten busy with other projects, so I’d put it away.

However, given everything that’s going on recently, I think it’s a good time to go ahead and finish it.

Things are out of control – and I don’t feel there’s a quick fix to this.

People are angry, scared and pointing blame.

It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it?

That’s the most difficult aspect of all of this.

Personal responsibility vs. blame.

The conundrum we’re in is the fact that there’s a little of both at play when it comes to stereotyping.

Yes, there are people at fault.

But we’ve also contributed to this as well.

If it’s truly important to gain some clarity over what we’re dealing with here, we’ll need to do some deep soul searching, ask ourselves tough questions, be brave enough to accept full responsibility for our role in things and recreate some new ideas from an expanded sense of awareness.

Stereotyping – A Way to Divide and Conquer

What Is A Stereotype?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a stereotype is:

Something conforming to a fixed or general pattern; especially : a standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment.

There are other definitions, but this one pretty much sums up what I’m looking for. It’s a form of conditioning, and one we typically accept without question.

Stereotyping has shown its ugliness in many different ways.

A few examples are:

  1. racism
  2. gender
  3. sexual orientation
  4. religion
  5. school and work cliques
  6. social/ economical class
  7. jobs

These examples create the illusion of us/ them. The longer this is accepted, the more pain it causes, and the more we destroy ourselves, each other and our environment.

I feel, to a certain degree, that most if not all of us are “guilty” of stereotyping.

But I’m not going to sit here and say there hasn’t been evidence that stereotyping hasn’t warranted some credibility.

Now before I go on, I just want to say that if I point something out, it isn’t to insult anyone or push any buttons.

I like to get to the cause of things. Sometimes this involves saying things that may hurt – but until we face everything that has led to our current circumstances instead of being politically correct (another disease that’s infected humanity) – then we’ll continue to search for solutions to a problem we haven’t correctly identified.

Why We Stereotype

The reason I feel stereotyping has gone on as long as it has is because in some way, there’s been proof that whatever we stereotype people as is warranted.

There’ve been members of particular groups that’ve demonstrated actions that make the entire group look bad.

Instead of using discernment, we identify these people who act as the image and voice for the group and we unconsciously accept them as THE group in its entirety.

I’m sure you’ve heard (and said) some of these popular phrases:

  • dumb blond
  • cheap Jew
  • rich asshole
  • stupid bitch
  • useless bum
  • bratty kid

These are just a few examples of how we label people from all walks of life regardless of whether or not it’s warranted.

We stereotype everyone. It doesn’t matter what race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality , social or financial class people are in.

You’ll have your bad eggs and your good eggs. Everyone else is somewhere in between – grouped into a category that focuses on the loudest members of that group.

This is why we need to take a step back and “witness what we’re witnessing.”

Remember to be an observer.

This would involve something like:

“I’m seeing someone/ a group of people act like assholes. Am I silently judging EVERYONE in this group?”

Maybe some of you don’t, but a lot of us do. May as well admit it.

And unforutnately, the longer stereotyping goes on, the more people who believe these labels are true – the more they’ll become them.

And then we fight.

We become what we believe. We believe what we pay attention to.

What we pay attention to eventually becomes our truth.

But it won’t if we question things.

Is There a Solution for Stereotyping?

I feel there is, but it’ll take a while to see the effects.

None of this developed overnight. We’ve been seeing others this way for a good, long time.

And in truth, there’s been plenty of “proof” that how we view one another is legitimate because of acts that have taken place in the past, several of which were vast and quite damaging. The resentment we feel toward one another goes way back.

And we continue to act it out, in part, due to the emotional wounds we still carry around and the hatred and anger we feel toward those who’ve caused us so much pain.

The reason I mentioned earlier that while some of this is our fault, some of it isn’t is because I feel the media plays a big role in how we perceive things. We need to remember that everything we think, feel and believe started off as an idea.

Well, most of our ideas have been handed to us throughout time. Our ancestors, parents, and peers are all products of the information they’ve received and the emotional connections they’ve developed in response to these ideas. These people influence us, so we do as they do more often than not.

These days though, we have the media dispensing information everywhere we look.

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, these news outlets are owned by some pretty wealthy and “powerful” people who have something to gain by feeding you biased and distorted information?

Hmmm, what could be gained by people turning against one another?

Try to put yourself in the mindset of people who are fueled by power and are intelligent enough to orchestrate chaos.

Could they try to control us through force?

They did in the past, but let’s face it – people are much angrier these days. No one wants to be controlled any longer, especially when you view past events and experience the feelings of victimization and hopelessness from the population back then.

Folks want to fight now and they aren’t as afraid of authority – especially when these individuals whose job it is to maintain the public’s compliance have blatantly abused their positions.

And yes, they have abused their positions. Corruption and a psychopathic mindset don’t care what side of the law it operates on.

So with people now having grown a set and obviously not wanting or willing to be slaughtered and tormented like they were in the past…

…what would be the path of least resistance when it comes to controlling them for your own benefit?

Pit em against one another. That’s how.

Divide and conquer.

People aren’t born to hate.

I personally feel that for the most part, we humans are born neutral.

We become products of our ego. The physical identification with form.

We learn to hate.

It’s part of the programming we endure.

It’s everywhere. As I’d discussed in my post about questioning our thoughts and beliefs, we don’t start forming our own opinions until later on in our childhood – once our foundation had been set by our surroundings.

We grow up faced with the opinions of others immediately. And when we see others acting their parts out because they believe the labels they were handed, it only solidifies our opinions into “objective truth.”

All we have to do is take a good look around and see how things are unfolding.

The hate, the chaos and the fighting are all effects of a cause.

That cause is we’re programmed.

We don’t remember who we are.

And who might that be?

We’re an extension of the Divine. Humans are equipped with a spark of divinity.

We have access to this spark, which is capable of enabling us to do magnificent things on this crazy, fucked up planet we’re living on.

But if this spark is covered over by the plaque of our wounds, we’ll never have access to it.

We’ll continue to act out everything we’ve been taught – as long as we believe these things to be true.

It’ll be tough, but it’ll be up to us to decide, once and for all, that the pain of our current circumstances is too much to bear any longer – and we’ll be open to being the change required to take this world in a more caring and compassionate direction.

We can all take some practical steps by:

  1. Being an unbiased observer.
  2. Questioning our thoughts and beliefs.
  3. Taking a good look around and see the effects at play in the world.

And lastly, for the love of God…

Quit acting like the fucking label you’ve been given!

Seriously, I feel that’s an important step.

Stop believing you are who other ignorant and ill-meaning people say you are.

Chip away at the false ideas and concepts of yourself and find your spark.

Be someone the world needs more of. If you don’t know who that is, use your imagination and invent it.

Just don’t hurt anyone.

That’s the only rule any of us needs to follow.

Do No Harm…

But take no shit.

Easier said than done though because so many of us are angry and wounded. We can’t help but act these things out in the world.

This is why it’ll be up to us to decide who we want to be.

I don’t recommend ignoring what’s inside of you. That won’t work.

Observe your pain. Question it.

Work with it.

Make emotional intelligence and self-awareness your main priority in life.

And quit letting your past control your life.

That’s when the real transformation occurs.

I’ll wrap this up with something I said the other day on social media.

“Regardless of the story de jour – humanity is acting a fool.
It isn’t going to get any better right now either.

Events have been set in motion long ago. They’re just playing themselves out – following the Law of Cause and Effect. None of this is random.

Hold on tight folks. We’ll have to decide, using our free will choice, whether we want to add to the chaos or not. As hard as it is, reacting out of emotion isn’t a wise decision.

There are two sides to only one coin here. This coin has many factors, angles, and circumstances – but it’s still just one coin.

War or no war.

We’ve got the race card, the religion card, sexuality/ class/ gender/ social status, political preference and even our physical appearance.

When this blows over (and it will – it all does as soon as something else pops up), there will be something else to traumatize our collective psyche.

It’s all meant to add to the division – and hate.

What our “elected political leaders” have gotten us into on a bigger scale is one thing. What we act out on the streets and in our neighborhoods is another.

The latter, right now, is up to us.

The biggest problem we have here is an infantile level of maturity. The antidote is being a true grown up.

Wise people feel their emotions and observe. They seek answers – knowing the right questions will lead to more questions before offering legitimate and well-rounded answers.

Overgrown babies fight it out with blindfolds on.

Take your blindfolds off and see what’s really going on.
The details are small, vast, complicated and abundant – but the overall picture is huge – and simple.”

Most people have no idea how engineered reality is.
The biggest and most dangerous war taking place is the one on the human psyche.

Stop believing everything you see, hear and have been taught.

Know that divide and conquer is underway. It’s intentional.

It doesn’t have to continue, but it’ll be up to us to change it.

Until we face the war within ourselves, the world will never change. 

I leave you with the wisdom of one of the greatest artists to have ever existed.

This is what we’re dealing with.

What are your thoughts? 

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Dana Gore

Author of the books "A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety (What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You)" and "Streetwise Philosophy (A Bullshit-Free Approach to Spiritual Maturity)", Dana Gore is a health and fitness professional, wellness coach, and freelance writer. Dana brings guidance to the public about how to achieve optimal health in a safe and structured manner while inspiring her readers to seek self-awareness and inner peace as a means to well-being in all areas of life.

10 thoughts on “Stereotyping – A Way to Divide and Conquer

  • at 9:50 am

    Hi Dana,

    Excellent post here. I’ve noticed it yesterday and made a sure to get back to it today to read it.

    Wow, stereotypes, we are all guilty of it for sure. I know I have, but frankly, I try to avoid it more and more as I’m becoming older and wiser I’d say.

    As a French person in the US, how many times did I hear stereotypes about French people? More than I can remember.

    Stereotyping is also tricky because some of the stereotypes we came up with were often based on truths, but that’s why they are also dangerous because no one person will have all the dots checked to validate that stereotype suit.

    As Gorge Carlin said here, there is a great division machine going on. That’s what we do as humans of this minuscule planet. We have divided ourselves into countries, languages, cultures, religions, genders, etc.

    How nice it would be if we started to unify instead of divide.

    Great job!


    • at 5:46 pm

      Hi Sylviane,

      Thanks. I’m glad you liked the post.

      Yep, I have no doubts you’ve heard your fair share of individuals stereotyping the French people. Labeling knows no bounds or limitations.

      I know we’ve all been guilty of it in some way or another, even if we kept our ideas to ourselves.
      You are so right about the fact that there are certain people who give these labels credence. That’s the tricky part of it all. It’s up to us to think critically about that and realize that all it does is group everyone into a category many don’t deserve to be put into.

      There’s a lot to it, and I wrote this hoping to shed some light on the fact that there is no quick fix. It’ll take understanding and an open mind to see the numerous factors at play.

      Divide and conquer being one of them, and an unquestioned identification with one’s label being another.

      Ahhh Sylviane, all we can do is to continue to make self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and true critical thinking a priority. But I know you know that already 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • at 11:23 am

    Hi Dana,

    This article is right on point. We all Stereotype in our minds, but we cannot let something that is not true become a belief. I like taking one person at a time. Who the heck knows the entire group? For me there is good and bad in any “group” of people so why bother stereotyping?

    I love what you are saying here as well as on Facebook. Yes..I’ve been reading your wonderful posts of what is going on lately. I have been doing my share by putting up obscure peace songs. I don’t like to get into things on the social media platform bluntly.

    This article is like a wake up call for those who really don’t know what’s going on. If I dare ask someone why they feel a certain way these days I don’t get an answer. Rather a parroting from a news headline. This uprising of divide and conquer has been going on for years and now it is blossomed. I know who is behind it all and I know who has to be a talking head for it to spread hatred.

    Anyone that has read history at an elementary school level can figure this out because history does repeat itself and here we are.

    The good thing is we do have a choice. We either buy into it and fuel the fires that be even with our own inner fear or hatred … OR …. We take off the blinders and see the truth. We don’t let it get to us..we don’t react with fear or hate, rather act with love and understanding.

    A great prophet once said as he was hanging on the cross “Father…forgive them for they know not what they do” Living in that mindset sure helps me out.


    • at 5:58 pm

      Hi Donna,

      Yep, one of the most important things we can do is to guard our thoughts and question our beliefs.
      Like you, I take each individual as that, an individual. It’s easy to group everyone into one specific category when we don’t think.

      I appreciate your kind words about my social media updates. I just let them flow as they come out. I don’t promote any one specific side of anything. I see the entire ordeal – reality itself as rigged, controlled and sick.

      I don’t share a ton of quotes, but one of my favorite ones is by J. Krishnamurti. He said, “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Truer words have never been spoken. That’s how I feel about people parroting what they’ve heard. It’s a shame that the media and other people’s opinions are confused as truth. An independent mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      There are puppet masters here. Until people are willing to entertain that possibility, they’ll continue to grasp at straws – hoping for some semblance of enlightenment into what we’re dealing with here.

      As always, I appreciate your insight Donna. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • at 11:44 am

    Hi Dana,

    I loved this post.

    I remember taking a social sciences class in university, and the professor described this idea of “us versus them” as creating an “enemy other.”

    It’s a requirement as a pretext for war, for passing discriminatory legislation, for committing hate crimes, and the list goes on.

    If you can convince a large enough sample of any population that another particular group is the enemy other, the outsiders, a group of “lesser” individuals who are different from us, you can get the masses to follow and do unspeakable things.

    I think the best solution for stereotyping and discrimination is diversity and inclusion. People are who are raised and exposed to all different types of people seem, in my opinion, to be very accepting of different attitudes, cultures and ideas. They tend to view people as individuals rather than a group of outsiders.

    Whereas people who tend to live in a fairly homogeneous environment tend to fear what they don’t know and don’t understand… hence the rise of terms like homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and so forth.

    Just my two cents.

    But it’s amazing how much we find out we have in common with other people when we just have a conversation with an open mind.



    • at 12:51 pm

      Hi Brent,

      I’m glad you loved the post.
      I can totally understand the “enemy other” concept. It’s prevalent in our world and it’s been going on for a very long time.
      There’s nothing wrong with culture. It’s something that can make us feel close and connected to our heritage. It’s a form of individuality based from a creative standpoint.

      The problem comes in when culture becomes a label. Instead of being an individualized expression of the whole, we believe we are this separate entity in and of itself. Others become objects and when there is enough belief in a label, the thoughts and actions soon follow – usually with animosity.

      I agree with your idea of inclusion and diversity. Makes sense to me.
      Like with everything else, though, it can be done from a place of higher or lower consciousness. That affects the results. I feel we’re still at somewhat of an infancy level of awareness, so from my observations, it’ll take getting in touch with the poison within us – the war – and healing that before any new behaviors will go smoothly.

      Awesome insight Brent. Thanks so much for contributing to the conversation.
      Enjoy the rest of yoru week 🙂

  • at 2:37 pm

    Wow Dana, this is perfect and everyone should be reading this. Like you said, some people may not like what they’re reading but we are all part of the problem but we can also be part of the solution – it’s our choice.

    Unfortunately, the media plays up on the hate and that only causes more chaos than anything else.

    Today has been a different day from Friday. All I read were negative rants and pointing blame but today, social media has shared positive posts of groups coming together and marching in peace – now that’s one step toward finding a solution.

    Great article gf. You really outdid yourself on this one. You know I’m sharing this.

    Hope you’re having a great day so far.


    • at 1:45 pm

      Hey Cori,

      Yep – everyone has a responsibility in this.
      People have no idea how contrived all of this is. There are people who benefit from the divide and conquer method. It exists in everything – and stereotyping is one example of it.

      It works because people believe who they are told they are. A lot of it comes from emotionally reacting to the world and their ideas. Beliefs take time to develop, but when they do, they become our “truth” and they can be quite dangerous.

      The media plays a huge role in all of this as well. All thought suggestions.

      Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to all of this. It would take a paradigm shift for the majority of us – especially since people are SO angry and filled with hate and resentment. The biggest war at this time is the war on the human psyche.

      I’m glad you got something valuable out of this. I can only hope momentum toward true awareness picks up. That’s when authentic change begins.
      Thanks for stopping by gf. Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

  • at 12:37 pm

    Hi Dana,

    I know you and I have had some conversations about this and I have to say, this is a great article. Whether we want to believe it or not, there is a great divide happening and it starts at the top. People live by example. If you live according to what society has “labeled” you as, shame on you. We all have the right to be unique and live our life they way we want. However, when that life is malicious and harmful to the human race, I have a problem with it. Unfortunately, many of us are a product of our upbringing. However, as a true testament as someone who grew up in a racist home, I am far from it.

    I guess as a person that I’m “labeled” as, I am considered privileged. However, my parents worked hard to make sure I was able to have that kind of life. My brother had it to, however, he chose to follow other “labels” instead of create his own unique one.

    Our world is in chaos and I’m so happy to see more and more people writing about it in a calm manner and not political or racial rants.

    Thanks for shedding light on this subject. You know I’ll be passing it along.

    Happy Sunday, gf!


    • at 1:56 pm

      Hey Bren,

      I’m glad you liked the article. Yes, we’ve had some conversations about all of this. I’m sure we’ll have more because this isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

      There is a great divide. It’s been there for a while. I agree that it started from the top – but I don’t feel for one minute that any solution lies at the top.

      There’s been a deliberate divide and conquer technique in place for a very long time. It knows to bounds and isn’t limited to any one specific subject matter. These people at the top know what they’re doing when it comes to influencing the minds of the population. These aren’t nice individuals – and we can’t afford to rely on them to change anything on our behalf.

      It’ll be up to us and only us.

      This is a time for each individual to take a step back and start asking some useful questions while observing things from a more expanded perspective. True change comes from within. If we continue to rely on leaders, we’ll remain under the control of others – our well-being being dependent on them. It enables a disempowered society. This is what we’re dealing with now.

      We believe our labels, we act them out in the world and contribute to the mass chaos. This will take a while to change.

      I’m hoping my post points some of this out clearly. We’ll see.

      I appreciate your insight B. Have a great rest of the week 🙂


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