Streetwise Nuggets of Wisdom

When something builds up inside of me, I have to express it. They’re some of my thoughts. Maybe they’re a form of wisdom – or perhaps they’re just rants.

Either way, putting them out there is my job.Β At least, I think it is.

Not because I think I’m special or a guru or anything. I just feel we’re at a crossroads here. We need to communicate with one another about life and this crazy world we live in.

Too many of us either hold ourselves back from speaking out – or we fight with one another like children.

Well, I’m not playing that game. I choose to speak up about what I see. I have no interest in swaying anyone’s thoughts. I feel we need to own ourselves and assume responsibility for who we are.

What you’ll read in a moment is a small collection of my insights. They show up – and like a force, they have to be released.

And since I only publish once a week over here, I usually post them on social media.

So, I’ve decided to take some of the recent ones I’ve written and share them here.

I hope you get something valuable out of this. I feel creative self-expression, done intelligently, can be a huge asset in life. Especially in times of chaos.

But the key word there was intelligently. And real intelligence, in my humble opinion, stems from a balanced combination of maturity and creativity.

I’ll start with one I hadn’t actually published yet. It was brewing, but I decided to express it here as a new thought.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Streetwise Nuggets of Wisdom

Die while you’re still alive

One of the people whose work I enjoyed had said something about dying while you’re still alive. It’s supposed to free you somehow or help you reach a place of truth and understanding.

I didn’t know what that meant or how to implement such a thing, so I let it go and didn’t think about it again. But I get it now, or at least I have my own unique understanding of what this means.

(For me), it means that to know truth, you’d have to give up your illusions. Those things that make up the false you. We aren’t our jobs, titles, roles, careers, thoughts, beliefs, judgments, fears, opinions, emotions, etc. We HAVE those things, but the real “I” is more than that.

But you don’t get to know that part of you. The one who watches and really sees.

Not until you know the difference between the “me” and the “I.”

The ‘me’ is the false self. The ‘I’ is the observer – the true self.

So when you say something like “I am a democrat/ republican” or “I am this or that religion/ race/ title/ whatever,” – that’s not you. They’re just things you do, associate with and experience. They can offer an interesting ride during this life, but they aren’t who you really are.

It’s the “me” you think you are.

It wouldn’t be a problem if we didn’t get so caught up in the “me” version of ourselves. But because we do – when that role, name, identity, etc. is challenged or taken away, the panicking and fighting begin.

But it won’t be this way when you realize who the “I” is. It’s the part of you that is endless and never changes because it’s eternal. It’s there through every experience and incarnation into the meat suit you wear while you’re here.

To die while you’re still alive is to know which part of you is real. You let the false version of you relinquish its title as the real you and you just play the fucking game – knowing that’s all it is.

When you’re too busy being the “me”, you don’t see the game. You’re IN the game – and you either win or lose. But when you know you’re the “I”, you watch the game and decide how you wish to play it. Preferably by not cheating, and by being a player whose sole purpose is elevating your level of consciousness while encouraging others to do the same through being an example.

Are we really “waking up”?

I know people think there’s some kind of global awakening out there. In a way, I think it’s partly true, but in another way, it doesn’t seem to be having the effect it could.

I sit back and watch people fight. People in the media, including the alternative media attack one another. It’s too bad too because there’s been some interesting info coming out of that scene over the years, but even all of that’s gone to shit now.

People either don’t want to see a lot of the things that have been brewing beneath the surface for eons – or they want to be right about their beliefs – their conditioning. Either way, all it does is create more chaos.

And this is what we’re looking at, folks. Chaos.

But the chaos, while certainly having a lot to do with individuals in places of power (many of them “elected” by us), isn’t the total cause of everything we’re seeing.

Underneath it all, the issue we face is a lack of maturity of mankind. I know that won’t be a popular idea, but I feel it’s true.

People fight over which country is the victim vs. perpetrator. Whether vaccines do more damage than good. Whether the left or the right is to blame for everything.

We fight about –

~ Gun control
~ Racism
~ Social status/ appearance
~ Homeschooling vs. traditional education
~ Which alternative media personality/ public is a shill vs. who’s a true “guru”
~ Sexual orientation
~ and absolutely EVERYTHING else

There are some very bad people out there. Individuals who regardless of how you treat them or how they appear, they’re just empty to the core. Void of any level of emotion.

There are also those who are so deeply wounded and fearful for their day to day survival that they feel they have no choice (nor do they have the ability) to know how to heal themselves and do something meaningful with their lives other than to react to their pain by lashing out against themselves, others, and the world in general.

And then there’s the rest of us. Experiencing the chaos, having our opinions and fighting over who’s right. Very seldom do I see a true effort to gain clarity from a mature discussion for the benefit of all take place.

We, the people, seem to be at war with ourselves and one another over everything.

And the way I see it, until or unless each and every one of us takes a good, hard look within – and is willing to view the world without any preconceived notions about what we THINK is happening out there, the events will continue to play out as they are now.

I don’t have kids. I don’t have to look at anyone and feel responsible for how the world operates. No one’s well-being is my responsibility. My responsibility ends with me – whenever that happens.

But I do feel a deep desire to at least speak about my observations. That’sΒ the only thing I can do.

And I see a world where change is possible, but by the way things are going, not probable.

Maturity isn’t about growing up, paying bills and taking care of others. It’s about being an observer – of the self and the environment. It’s the only way to REALLY SEE anything. It’s also the ability to interact with one another like adults.

Not easy to do, but possible. It requires non-stop practice, especially with the small things, but that’s what it’ll take.

I know because I try to implement this as much as possible. I see when I’m about to emotionally react vs. be a witness – even to my own thoughts.

I’ll never stop hoping that somehow, we’ll grow up. But as time goes on, I’m feeling more concerned.

Whatever happens, though, know one thing.

Each one of us has the ability and the power to own who we are. And even if we’ve done shitty things in our past, or if others have hurt us, there’s always time and opportunity to clean it up.

Surrendering the small stuff can be poetic and therapeutic

Sometimes, you just gotta say fuck it.

Life is filled with more than enough opportunities to get bent out of shape. Nothing is guaranteed – except change. And that may happen with or without your consent.

When you get used to saying fuck it, you learn not to sweat the small stuff. Then when the big stuff comes around, you may be better prepared to take some sort of meaningful, well-thought out action because you don’t spend your life in a constant state of anxiety.

We’re always being tested

Most people think it’s the big catastrophes in life that test our character.

I think it’s true, but I also think it’s the small nuances that occur every day that offer us the ability to observe ourselves.

Observing ourselves leads to self-mastery. Doesn’t mean you’ll “wind up on top” or be a “winner” – and there may be no materialistic rewards for it.

But what you do gain is a clear sense of self. The deliberate “I AM” regardless of how the circumstances around you play themselves out – or how those in your surroundings behave.

And it’s those small things that don’t require the use of fight or flight response, so the conscious act of witnessing is far more possible. You get the opportunity to ask yourself “what would a wise person – someone I truly admire – someone I’d like to be, do in this situation?” This makes good practice for when the bigger things occur.

Not always easy, but it’s doable – and I think it’s important to consider that possibility because we live in a world where people identify themselves with their peers, surroundings, and experiences.

Casey Kasem used to say “keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars.” I think he was saying to stay grounded and allow some good old fashioned Earth logic to accompany another form of Intelligence to inspire us.

That second type of Intelligence being a form of Spirituality that can only communicate when the mind is free of noise.

Intentions and self-doubt

I once heard someone say that when we set an intention to do something new, gain strength, improve, etc – everything within us that has gotten in our way will surface.

I’ve witnessed this in my own life, and I’ve found it to be true.

Doubt, self-limitations, the stories we tell ourselves (that we aren’t cognizant of), and even physical issues sometimes show up. They aren’t there to deter us. They’re there simply because they’ve always been there – ready to be observed.

That’s the key to it all. To observe it. To witness your own thinking. To watch/ listen to what comes out of you when you’re being squeezed.

Easier said than done. And it doesn’t mean you’re meant to be a hero and “just plow through it” – although that does work in certain situations. It just means that you, the REAL you, is an observer. The issues, thoughts, beliefs about yourself – all combined – is your unconscious imagination of yourself.

So the next time you’re faced with a challenge, whatever it is, try to remember to step back and watch yourself as though you’re in a film. Observe the scene playing out. Ask yourself what a wise person would do and question whether your inner conversation is true or just a replay of things that have taken place within you that aren’t objectively true.

That’s what I do and I’ll say, it’s amazing what you learn about yourself.

Humans are wired to fix things quickly. I think it’s easier, in the long run, to fix an issue when you truly understand the problem. But to do that, it takes awareness. An expanded perspective that only occurs after observing and asking a lot of questions.

True wisdom is an ongoing thing. No instant gratification there.

Yoda said to unlearn. Unlearning is how we make ourselves open to the Intelligence that exists beyond the basic human intellect and understandings.

Spirituality can be a dirty job

I used to think Spirituality was all about peace, feeling good and harmony.
It definitely includes those factors, but there’s more to it.

It’s also messy, painful and forces you to look at the nasty characteristics about yourself you’d rather disown and deny. If you do it right, you’ll realize you don’t know as much as you think you did – and that the world isn’t as it appears.

True Spirituality is a process of deconstruction. It can be quite painful at times, but it’s the only true path to anything even remotely resembling truth and freedom.

Knowledge isn’t necessarily wisdom

It’s popular to think that acquiring knowledge is a means to wisdom. We think the more we know, the smarter we are.

That this will somehow offer security and place some value on our worth and life.

But I feel that true knowledge is being in a constant state of discovery and curiosity. It’s a flow. When we aren’t married to our beliefs and ideas of what we think is true, we constantly grow, expand and perceive – which lead to deeper understandings.

Always still with no end.

Does anyone really care how we look (other than us?)

A few years ago, I was getting ready for a formal event.

Going through the motions and thinking thoughts such as:

~ Is my make-up perfect?
~ Hair too flat?
~ Do I look fat in this outfit?
~ Will I fit in?
~ Do I look amazing?

Yadda yadda yadda. Totally stressing about it.

Then a question showed up.

Who’s really going to pay attention to how I look? I mean, who on Earth will care more about my appearance than their own?

It showed me how much value we place on the opinions of others, whether we mean to or not.

So while we abuse our bodies, judge ourselves, take 5 hours to get ready for something or engage in negative self-talk over how WE THINK others view us, the real, hard truth of the matter is this:

No one cares. And if they do, they’re judging you.
If they’re judging you, they have problems.

Is it wise to care about the opinions of others who have problems?

So the moral of the story is this.

It isn’t necessary to beat ourselves up over anything, especially our looks. Everyone is far more concerned with how they feel they’re being judged over judging you.

Many of us are self-absorbed, some more than others. It helps to know this the next time you think you look like shit or don’t measure up to society’s standards of beauty.

It will never matter how much make-up you put on, how ripped you are or how your outfit hugs all the right parts perfectly.

If you’re an asshole, you’re an asshole.
But if you’re someone who lights up the room because you ARE light, then you can wear a tank top and flip flops and you’ll still be beautiful.

And still, no one will care more you over how they feel about themselves.

So when I say things like observe, and then question your thoughts, beliefs, etc – you see this sort of thing at play with everything we do. This example is only one example of what it means to watch society instead of interacting with it through ignorance.

This particular example with regard to beauty is only one example of what it means to consciously watch society instead of interacting with it through ignorance.

Over to You

So those are some of my insights. I’m in the process of putting them into a book – which I intend to complete soon. I’ve already gotten started.

In fact, if you think you’d like to read more of the types of insights I’ve shared here, let me know – either in the comments or the contact form. It would help me to know whether this is something others would get value out of.


The book is published.

Want more bullshit-free wisdom? Check out my latest book “Streetwise Philosophy (A Bullshit-Free Approach to Spiritual Maturity).”

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Dana Gore

Author of the books "A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety (What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You)" and "Streetwise Philosophy (A Bullshit-Free Approach to Spiritual Maturity)", Dana Gore is a health and fitness professional, wellness coach, and freelance writer. Dana brings guidance to the public about how to achieve optimal health in a safe and structured manner while inspiring her readers to seek self-awareness and inner peace as a means to well-being in all areas of life.

8 thoughts on “Streetwise Nuggets of Wisdom

  • at 8:15 pm

    Hi Dana,

    Good nuggets to chew on, taste and digest.

    Why do we really have such trouble getting past the “me” and live within the “I.”

    It just might be, partly, that people with vested interests in our dissension, are determined that we not find peace with one another, and not look beyond our “me” concerns. That’s how they maintain power over the “us” (a collection of “me’s”) that cannot see the power of “we” (unified “I’s”).

    It just might be that.

    Nothing new… it’s the story of human history.


    • at 11:27 am

      Hi Donna,

      I agree. I also find that the ones with certain interests who run a lot of things prefer and even organize a lot of this chaos. The issue is that it’ll work as long as we participate. And we’ll participate as long as both clarity and maturity allude us.

      Some of us do see it. You, me and others. It’ll take more though.

      I also agree that this is the story of human history. Funny, I hear people almost excuse things because “it’s the way it’s always been” – while forgetting we have something called free will that allows us the freedom to see and act in all ways – always.

      I’m glad you liked my nuggets and as always, I enjoyed your insightful comment. Thanks Donna πŸ™‚

  • at 6:59 pm

    Hey Dana,

    I love to read your thoughts and insights! Call it whatever you like, nuggets of wisdom or rants, they’re really deep and they’re amazing to read. You really know how to put into words what you think of certain topics and I’m sure that a lot of people are enjoying reading them.

    I’m so glad you decided to put a book together with these. Please, let me know when you’re done, I will buy it for sure!

    Thanks for sharing them with us! Hope you had a great weekend, gf! πŸ™‚


    • at 11:30 am

      Hey Nataly,

      Awww, thank you so much.
      Yeah, I’m working on that book. I’ll surely let you know when it’s complete and published.

      I really appreciate your kind words and support of my work. I never know sometimes if my insights or words penetrate those who read them. So the fact that you get something out of them means a lot to me. I always hope that whatever I have to say, even if not popular or easy to agree with will somehow inspire people to open their minds and see beyond the veil.

      Thank you for stopping by Nataly. I’m glad I know you πŸ™‚

  • at 3:01 pm

    Girl! This is exactly what you need to do with “you know what”!

    I love to hear your thoughts and rants. You really dig deep into life and your surroundings. Some people couldn’t even begin to put their thoughts into words, but you’re a pro.

    Rock on sister!


    • at 11:33 am

      Hey Bren,

      Thanks so much. Yep, I’m gonna go forth with “you know what” – and I so appreciate your help and support with my projects.

      I’m glad you like my rants. I don’t plan them out and I can only hope they do some good for those who read them.

      Enjoy the rest of your week gf. Thanks for being my friend πŸ™‚

  • at 1:52 pm

    Hey Dana,

    I like the points to show the wisdom and freedom. People are there who are not enjoying their life they always wanted.

    “Die while still alive” is one of the best quotes I have read so far. This brings something energetic if you have the positive attitude.

    The testing is done every day. You have to take care of the things you face in your life. It improves our skills.

    All the Nuggets are worth reading.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    • at 11:44 am

      Hey Ravi,

      Thanks so much for that.

      The “die while you’re still alive” thing was something I heard a while ago, but didn’t understand it or know how to apply it. It was only after I sort of woke up from the trance I had otherwise confused for life as we know it that it made sense.

      I feel we’re being tested every day in all ways. So my rants are designed to help people see things that may not be apparent in a deeply conditioned society.

      I appreciate your visit Ravi. Thanks so much for stopping by πŸ™‚


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