Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching (2)

If you are reading these words, chances are:

  • You want to lose some weight.
  • You aren’t happy with your current state of health and well-being.
  • You feel powerless over your eating habits.
  • You aren’t motivated to start an exercise program (and stick with it).
  • You’re unhappy with your appearance.
  • People say mean things to you about the way you look (and you just want to shut them up already!)
  • You’re click happy, and you’ve already read everything else on the blog 😉

Figuring it isn’t the last bullet point, you’re probably here because you want to work with someone to help get you out of that rut you’re in.

Look, I know how it is.

I’ve been fat.

Over 200 pounds fat (you can read about that here).

I’ve also had multiple eating disorders (discussed at length here).

I’ve been called every nasty fat girl name in the book. I’ve also received some of those nifty backhanded compliments…

“Oh, you have SUCH a pretty face! You could be a plus size model if you were taller!”

“Should you be eating that?”

And of course, my favorite one –

“So when’s the baby due?” (I’ve never been pregnant).

The insults were painful.

People can be so mean sometimes.

The pain would propel me to embark upon some crazy diet or another – and I would usually follow that up with a workout program that was way too advanced for my level of fitness.

I didn’t know how I was going to lose my weight.

I tried everything.

But I really, REALLY wanted to change.

If nothing else, I wanted to take the very thing people used against me away from them. 

Eventually, it took working with someone who believed in me to initiate my weight loss success. As time went on, I took control of things on my own by shifting my mindset, my perceptions about life, my body, and wellness in general.

I not only took the weight off, I’ve kept it off.

Me before after

I’ve also fallen in love with the process.

I can help you do the same.

But you may be wondering…

Am I qualified to help you take charge of your well-being?

Yes. I am.

But the real question is –

Are you willing to do the work?

Cause it’ll be work. That I can promise.

It’ll be worth it, though.

You’ll free you mind. You’ll change your body.

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How does that sound?

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaches help you to create a happy and healthy life by examining your current habits, limitations and beliefs about “diet and exercise.” Then they map out a specific plan designed for YOU to follow based on your own unique needs and desires.

When you work with me, you’ll tell me about yourself, your struggles and what has gotten you to the place you are now. We’ll build a relationship based on trust and I’ll help you discover what well-being is all about from a new and exciting perspective.

My Qualifications

I’m a graduate of Fitness Institute International, Inc. school for personal training.

After completing 360 hours of academic and hands-on practical education, I received my Specialist certifications in:

  1. Exercise Science Foundations
  2. Strength and Conditioning
  3. Fitness Testing
  4. Functional Training
  5. Health and Weight Management
  6. Special Populations

After completing the requirements above, I graduated and received my Certified Personal Training Specialist (CPTS) certification.

After graduation, I became a health and fitness writer. I went on to write the book “A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You.”

I’ve also written hundreds of articles about health and fitness and personal development for various publications.

But more important than that (as I’ve already mentioned), I know where you’re coming from. I can relate. I’ve been where you are.

What You’ll Get

When we work together, your safety and well-being will be my top priority. You won’t get a cookie-cutter program that everyone else will follow. You’ll have your own unique individualized plan specifically designed to suit your needs.

I will work one on one with you to help you reach your wellness goals.

We’ll focus on the following:

Personal Development

  • Your current habits.
  • Your mindset (self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts, and behaviors, self-doubt).
  • Realistic fitness and nutrition changes you can implement immediately (and start seeing some results).

Action Steps

  • Recommended workouts based on your current level of fitness (with safety in mind and implementing appropriate progression for higher intensity workouts).
  • A daily system to track your goals, exercise and nutrition habits.
  • Simple recipes and ideas to make good sense nutrition fun and realistic.
  • Ideas and strategies to motivate you and keep the process creative and inspirational.

Lastly, you’ll get ME. This is what sets wellness coaching apart from the other online programs.

You won’t be doing this alone.


Here is some of the feedback I’ve received about my work:

“I found Dana at a time in my life that many of us find ourselves. Out of shape, nutritionally making all the wrong choices and did I mention fat?

Not even chubby anymore, but fat.

I couldn’t believe this had happened to me considering I had lived a very fit life in previous years.

I wanted to blame health issues, stress and turning 40, but these were excuses and I simply realized that having a professional guide me back to health and fitness was a must at this point in my life.

I was nervous to commit to wellness for myself but after my time with Dana, I urge anyone reading this to do this for yourself! It changed everything for me….my confidence, my dress size, my posture, my relationship with food, my respect for what my physical body is capable of.

One of the biggest changes was how I trained. The old me believed that more is better and even more is best.

Dana taught me how to become fit with a manageable amount of exercise and it worked beautifully.

I am now able to take what I have learned and continue progress on my own.

Thank you so very much, Dana for guiding me to fitness and vitality again.”

~ BJ

I met Dana a few years ago through blogging.  At that time she was writing for some fitness sites and of course I like to support those who visit my blog so I wanted to do the same for her so I read her content.  I dealt with weight issues when I was younger and just accepted that it’s a lifestyle choice.  My main issue still today though is that I just don’t enjoy exercising. 

One of the first conversations we had was about how I would go to a gym and they would teach me a certain exercise only to come in the next time and someone is pointing out that I’m doing it all wrong.  It’s frustrating when personal trainers all have their own ideas of how things should be done so I never knew if I was doing them correctly or not. 

Like most, I would just get frustrated and quit. My brother works out though religiously and has for many years but has hurt himself numerous times from lifting too much weight.  That’s when she told me about her book, “A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety”.  What an impressive read and I’m SO glad someone finally put that information out there.

Not enjoying exercise at all but knowing at my age I need to do something I contacted Dana and asked her for some advice.  She not only gave me some but got on Skype, showed me exercises I should be doing and then sent me some videos that I could watch to help me with those.  She went above and beyond to help me but of course her main concern is my safety and learning how to do them correctly.  Although I have not been as consistent with them as I should, I can’t thank her enough for her help and advice.

Dana actually cares about people because she’s been through her own personal struggles with weight and getting healthy.  If you’re ready to make that commitment as well then I highly recommend Dana.  There are so many people you can probably choose from online today but Dana really does care and that to me is the biggest difference.”

~ Adrienne Smith

“I had the pleasure of being introduced to Dana 6 years ago as a personal trainer.

During our time together training, resulting in a personal 20-pound weight loss, I was privileged to learn about Dana’s passion for obtaining self-awareness, a topic she had been studying for quite some time. 

So I became another student of Dana’s, one that needed some of her perspective in personally dealing with the everyday challenges of life and how my perceptions of these activities affected my thoughts, behaviors, and eventually the end results. 

Dana became a mentor to me in understanding not only physical fitness but also understanding true consciousness and how the mind works and most importantly how we can change the way we think, work through and process information to help us come to healthy resolutions both physically and spiritually.

My life has changed.”

~ Teri S.

Getting Started/ Cost

The program consists of weekly video/ phone coaching sessions lasting for one hour.

I’ll help get you set up on a program you’ll use to track your food and exercise habits at no extra charge. In addition, you’ll automatically be enrolled in my email program. You’ll be able to reach me at any time with questions, or if you just need an ear. All emails will be answered in less than 24 hours.

I will also recommend empowering videos, films, and articles to keep you connected to the process. You’ll learn to think new thoughts and incorporate new behaviors.

I’ll be available when you need me. I’m here to help.

The cost for wellness coaching is as follows:

I offer a complimentary no obligation 20-minute consultation either by phone or video.

~ $110 for 1 60 minute session.

~ $400 for 4 60 minute sessions ($100 session).

~ $760 for 8 60 minute sessions ($95 session).

~ $1080 for 12 60 minute sessions ($90 session).

Hours of operation:

Mondays – 11 am – 5:30 pm

Tuesdays – 2 pm – 8 pm

Wednesdays – 11 am – 8 pm

Thursdays – 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Fridays – 2 pm – 6 pm

Saturdays – by appointment

This is YOUR time! So make sure there are no distractions when we get together.

You’ll have my undivided attention, and we’ll collaborate to discover what’s held you back from living your best life. We’ll uncover the reasons behind your habits, form new behaviors and we’ll do this from a place of joy and excitement.



I guarantee you’ll be happy you’ve made the decision to work with a coach. I’ve worked with a few to help me with different goals, and I’ve never regretted it.

In fact, I’d probably still be over 200 pounds – working in a career I didn’t like and I wouldn’t have discovered my passion and made it my reality.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Are You Ready?

It’s time for you to take charge of your well-being.

You’re worth it – and I can help.

Every day offers an opportunity to get closer to reaching your goals (and loving yourself).

Commit to the process and give it your all.

~ You’ll free your yourself from your destructive habits.

~ You’ll develop better eating habits without the feelings of punishment and restrictions.

~ You’ll engage in an exercise program that you’ll enjoy and stick with.

~ You’ll lose the weight (and keep it off).

Now doesn’t that sound heavenly?

Fill out the form below to schedule your free 20-minute consultation.

I look forward to working with you.

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